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Premises Liability

The attorneys at Jernigan Copeland, PLLC, have extensive experience in defending premises liability actions brought against residential and commercial property owners, including national major retailers located throughout Mississippi.

Past and current premises cases range from slips and falls to major injuries and even deaths, as a result of alleged negligence or resulting from criminal activity on the premises. We also have experience handling false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and abuse of process claims for major retailers.

The success of our attorneys starts with a thorough investigation of the claim and their staying up-to-date with the latest court decisions and legislation. We also analyze key issues often at issue in premises liability matters: foreseeability, notice, open and obvious conditions, opportunity to cure, and superseding and intervening causes of injury.

​Our attorneys also have extensive experience in asserting and defending product cases in Mississippi courts. Miss. Code Ann. 11-1-63 governs product liability law in Mississippi, including causes of action for manufacturing defects, inadequate warning, defective design and breach of express and implied warranties. This same provision of the Mississippi Code identifies specific circumstances which may constitute a complete defense to a product case, and the statute establishes the specific procedure that product sellers must follow to successfully obtain indemnity from the manufacturer of a product sold in Mississippi. 

A favorable outcome in a product liability case often depends on the assistance of credible and competent expert consultants and witnesses for purposes of pinpointing your discovery efforts and presenting accurate and persuasive evidence at trial in support of your position. This firm routinely locates and engages expert witnesses to assist clients with the resolution of their cases, and we pride ourselves in the ability to manage litigation concerning the most complex issues that your business may face with regard to the products it manufactures and/or sells in Mississippi. This may also include coordination with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory agencies.

Although many businesses prefer to engage firms with past experience in dealing with a particular product, the elements and strategies for successfully handling all product lawsuits are substantially the same. Since many successful businesses with large markets in Mississippi already have experience employing product experts and consultants in past litigation, identifying a law firm such as Jernigan Copeland Attorneys, PLLC that can provide competent product liability support utilizing these same experts at legal rates that may prove much less than larger Mississippi law firms may benefit your bottom line. 

​We seek to be responsive to the client at all times and to render fervent and cost-effective representation. If you need a Mississippi law firm to handle a premises or product liability case, you may contact our attorneys to assess your needs.

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