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Oil & Gas Liens in Mississippi

Our firm routinely assists Oil & Gas Operators and Oil Field Contractors with the filing of liens directly against the equipment and proceeds of producing oil and gas wells in Mississippi. The filing of these liens are governed by Miss. Code Ann. 85-7-131. If your company has unpaid invoices from work performed on any oil or gas well, liens may be filed and recorded in the chancery clerk’s office in the county where the subject well is located. If the filing of such liens does not accomplish the goal of receiving payment on these overdue invoices, we likewise have experience in proceeding with collection lawsuits to judicially enforce payment. Our past experience in these matters normally allows for the enforcement of liens and the satisfaction of unpaid liens at a small fraction of the amounts owed. Please feel free contact us at any time for an initial assessment of your particular situation to determine whether the assertion of an oil and gas lien and/or a lawsuit for collection is an economical alternative to simply waiting for payment of unsatisfied invoices on oil and gas wells in Mississippi.

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